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  • Saab Fuel Treatment improves fuel consumption by up to 14%
  • Easily applied and great customer value at £19.99
  • Developed for both Petrol and Diesel engines
  • Available across national network of Saab authorised Service and Parts centres

Saab Parts UK is delighted to announce a new certified fuel treatment to all owners for just £19.99, which in stringent validation tests has delivered up to a 14% improvement in fuel consumption. Given the consistent increase in fuel costs over the last few years, motorists have had few options but to pay. Saab would like to offer its loyal owners the opportunity to improve the operating efficiency of their vehicles and save money in the process. Developed for both petrol and diesel engines, the Saab fuel treatment also provides some other important mechanical benefits.

In essence the Saab fuel treatment works by cleaning and lubricating the entire fuel system. Specifically the petrol treatment frees sticking valves and piston rings, maintains the oxygen sensor and EGR valve cleanliness, reduces exhaust emissions and improves all round engine performance and driveability. Correspondingly, the diesel treatment helps reduce black smoke emissions, improve injector performance and response, maintain EGR valve and turbo cleanliness, and lubricate and extend the life of the injectors and fuel pump.

The Saab Fuel treatment is available at any of the authorised Service and Parts Centres across the country. To identify your local Saab Service & Parts centre please visit the homepage at,select country code UK, and click on the network locator.

Given Saab and the authorised network is  offering a free MOT when booked in conjunction with a fixed price service (from £129) throughout October, asking for the Saab Fuel treatment to be added for just £19.99 represents a double saving for Saab owners.

Further terms and conditions of the Free MOT offer can be found on the Saab Parts UK website. Alternatively please contact an authorised Saab centre by using our Service and Parts centre locator on our home page.

An economy test was carried out at two independent centres in controlled conditions on a calibrated rolling road to show the effects of removing contamination from a fuel system. Test confirmed a fuel saving of 14.2% on the diesel vehicle and 14.3% on the petrol vehicle. A full copy of the report is available on written request. Removing contamination and cleaning the fuel system is important for the overall vehicle efficiency to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

For further information please contact:

Saab Parts UK Tel: 01234 756800
Unit 40, Innovation Centre e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
University Way  
MK43 0TB Website:

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