Saab Parts UK has successfully rolled-out a parts locator system across all its UK Service and Parts centres. As well as helping to improve the stock turn of Saab original parts across the network, this system now creates the biggest stock of Saab original parts anywhere in the UK. Operating from 80 locations, and carrying over 160,000 parts with a combined value of £5million, all Saab authorised Service and Parts centres can now help source the genuine Saab parts you need when you want them.

Using daily updates, the national parts locator enables customer requirements to be checked against a national ‘pooled’ stock, with delivery being dispatched quickly enabling work on Saabs to be completed at the earliest opportunity.

Through this initiative Saab Parts UK and the authorised repairer network are working together to improve availability and service levels for all customers, particularly independent repairers. With 200,000 Saabs on UK roads, some Saab Service & Parts centres are also increasing their inventory and delivery service to offer trade customers a highly responsive and reliable supply of Saab parts. Given the high quality, durable and easy to fit characteristics of genuine parts, backed up by a 2 year warranty, and easy access to technical information, Saab original parts are simply the best for maintaining the operating efficiency of your Saab.

To help you identify the nearest Saab Service & Parts centre to you please visit the homepage at and select country code UK. For independent repairers, additional technical information on Saab vehicles can be accessed via the website, which is chargeable from €20 per day.

Following the success of Saab’s Free MOT offer in conjunction with an annual service in September, the campaign is being extended to owners throughout October. “Given the annual minor service carries a fixed price of £129, this offer already represents strong value before you even consider the free MOT”, says David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Saab Parts UK Limited. “This is a genuine offer saving Saab owners £54 on their annual motoring costs, and ensuring genuine parts are used to maintain the running of their vehicle”. Any Saab owner that has their annual MOT due in October is eligible by simply registering with the Saab Service Club on-line and downloading the free MOT voucher.

Further details of the extended Free MOT offer (including terms and conditions) can be found on the Saab Parts web-site ( and selecting country UK. Alternatively please contact an authorised Saab centre by using our Service and Parts centre locator on our home page.

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