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  • Saab Automobile Parts AB in Sweden is changing its name

We have a new name and a new strategy. Everything else is 66 years old.

On Wednesday 13 November 2013, Saab Automobile Parts AB will change its name to Orio AB. The ten subsidiary companies in Europe and the US will also follow suit over the next couple of months. The overall strategy, besides investing even more in serving Saab owners, is to widen the company's customer base, parts product portfolio and offer logistics services as well as other services.

“Getting a new name and brand is naturally very exciting. Of course we will continue to deliver Saab Genuine parts to all our customers and we are in the process of developing our offer of product widening towards new markets and customers,” says Lennart Ståhl, CEO of Orio AB.

Orio's core business is currently Saab Genuine parts. The opportunities for sustainable growth, within both the core business and new business areas of logistics and technology services and a wider parts portfolio, are positive, attractive and underpin our long term growth objectives. As the sole distributor of the entire range of Saab Genuine parts across the globe, Orio will continue to support and supply Saab Service Centres, workshops and Saab owners with reliable service and expertise – just as we have for 66 years.

The new name, new graphic profile and new brand platform will ensure the best conditions for the company's growth investments for an expanded customer base and a wider product range. The change of name is the starting point of a very exciting future for Orio as a company and the company's employees.

“Our aim is to offer more to more customers. We have 66 years of experience, which has ensured a very strong, if not unique position.  Considering that there are over one million Saab cars currently driven on the world's roads, we have a very strong starting point,” says Lennart Ståhl.

For further information, please contact:              
Orio AB
Lennart Stahl, CEO, phone no. +46-(0)155-24 40 00

Facts Orio AB

  • The company is responsible for warehousing, sale and distribution of Saab Genuine parts and accessories for all Saab Authorized Repairers and service partners globally and also sell logistics and technical services.
  • Number of employees in Sweden: Nyköping about 260, Trollhättan about 50. The company is headquartered in Nyköping.
  • The company has subsidiaries in its 10 main markets in Europe and the USA.
  • Number of employees in the subsidiaries: about 55.
  • Have been responsible for Saab Automobile spare parts handling since the 1960s and are the sole distributor of the entire range of Saab Genuine parts.
  • Storage area: around 88 000 m².
  • Storage: about 70 000 articles.
  • Capacity: about 30 000 order lines/day.
  • Shipment of 50 trucks distributed each day.
  • The company is fully owned by the Swedish state.
  • On November 13, 2013, the company is changing its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB.

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