It was a great show!  This year we had a larger stand jointly run by the Saab Owners Club and UKSaabs.  Didn't win the Award but there was some stiff competition.

20190322 131432

That's almost saved you the entrance fee!

Follow this link below to see a video of the build-up for the Practical Classics Show The Build Up on our Facebook page

20190322 131456

Chris's 'Barn Find' 93 (well more of a hedge find really).  How many is that now Chris? Don't ask how much he paid for it.  No really don't ask. Unless you've got half an hour to spare.

20190322 131536

The Sonett starting up with clouds of smoke got everybody excited.  Especially Security after the backfire ;)

20190322 131707

It's all about the Practical at this show.  Didn't like the sound it made when that came away.....

20190322 132925

Elli, hard at it as usual.

20190322 133008

Is that a muffin?

20190322 131638

Those are SHINY